Why this, why now?

I’ve always felt the Ghosts, Necromancers, Zombies and Death to be an abhorrently boring storytelling element. Only game that ever clicked with me was Wraith: the Oblivion. The game that’s almost impossible to GM.

The main driver of The Quick is to overcome my aversion to the popular topic. Can I make a game that uses the death, ghosts and pathos of the deceased as its main themes, without being another cliche monster of the week splatter.

I played an Euthanatos (death mage) in JT’s City of Os, and the game was superb. But it used material from the Wraith and had a superb GM… thus it’s not really usable as an sample point here.

White Wolf’s Orpheus got quite close. It still missed the mark… so the concept is challenging. Make a playable, fun and not too hard to GM game about death and what’s left behind.

And I do love challenges.

Featured image by Joel Bombardier. Used with CC. Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/bombardier/