Some thoughts on power level

The most fruitful RPG backdrop for a drama to occur, seems to be “the troubleshooters”. People who can do a lot, but are not at the top of the food chain. And have power, but work for a power too.

This setting escapes the problems I’ve had with all the times I’ve tried to make a game of VEIL’s Enlightened world-weavers. And the problems arising from the same origins on world-weaver games like Nobilis and Mage the Ascension.

It also skips the “Rags to Riches” scenario beautifully implemented in most of the combat and adventure path oriented games like D&D and Pathfinder. Straight to the point, and no fiddling with character builds.

On these notes: The Quick is a game of pre-enlightenment field agents, working for the [quite possibly] Enlightened masters of the Quick. They are Awaken in the World of Darkness sense, and able to defend themselves and survive against an Enlightened or a Godlike – if not actually able to  beat one in a straight one-to-one scenario.

To map these terms to VEIL card game:  a Quick would be a Veiled Agent, with low power and moderate influence rating. Touched might have Votes or an Anomaly keyword. And Old Souls might have a reactionary card effect. A family Elder could be Illuminati.

Feature image is by the amazing Surian Soosay It’s also featured in VEIL card “Suicide Run”. Using the same image here as we are discussing field agents of the Enlightened is not a coincidence. Image used with a CC license.