Extending Shades: the Family

A small update to the Family Shade.

Featured image by Thomas Leuthard. Used with Creative Commons license.


The Family are all believed to be descended from a single Enlightened World Weaver John the Undying. Who escaped the Slumbering God  Angel of Death numerous times like an escape artist until the Angel finally managed to cast a binding curse on him and his blood.

The family forms a sort of death cult with numerous misinformed beliefs  the nature of death, echoes, and other esoterica. Most family members believe in the Angel’s curse, binding the Family to the Great Work from birth.

Sometimes individual Family members might think they or the Family would run the Quick. There is  a seed of truth in this misconception.

Proximity to death and callous attitudes towards life make the Family members excellent operatives for killing people for hire. Be it either for the government black op or private clients. These operations are (or have been) a major source of resources the Family uses to fund the Great Work done by The Quick.



The Touched: The waymakers are useful but volatile. Thread with care.

Old souls: Every war needs soldiers. The Old souls are our troopers. Treat them with respect, but never let them think they are in control.

Character creation

Of the Family

You have been taken in, married, or born to the Family.

Psyche: 0
Will: +1
Pathos: +1

Speciality: Leverage.
Your proximity to death and callous attitude give you leverage when coercing or intimidating mortals.

Edge: Family curse
You know by heart that if you cease or leave the Great Work – you will be damned for all eternity. This does not limit you from slacking or being annoyed by the Work. It however does give you more steam and motivation when you just need to do the job.


These optional traits are unique and should never be chosen for more than a character. Including the Storyteller characters.

Power: Giant’s blood.
You are part of a rare Family lineage dating back to the mythical kings and giants. This heritage makes you faster, stronger and more resiliant than mere mortals.
System: you can automatically win any contest against a mortal and you can survive (but not ignore) normally lethal trauma with this power.

Edge seeds:

  1. The Giant’s were actually nephilim descendants of the Angel of Death and one of the Family founders.
  2. The powers of this lineage do actually come from a gene modification called “2nd Gen®” bought from FB/Advance.
  3. The powers of this lineage are bought from a Fallen God slumbering in a Hallow.