Extending Shades: the Touched

A small update to the Touched Shade.


One day you just saw it. The Echoes, Hallows and all. It just become as real as Sun on a bright day. You instantly realized you could bring it here and enter the twilight. You just did not know how horrible it could be.

Maybe you sought out the Family. Maybe they found you. They offered to take care of all your finances and problems. As long as you helped them to close the gates to the realms of slumbering demons that sometimes lie behind the twilight realm.

The Touched share a supernatural gift. They can open a portal to the twilight realm of Echoes. Yet they do not share a single theory about the Echoes.

Most of the touched want to be rid of the Echoes haunting them. The money from the Family makes them able to participate in the Great Work.


The Family: you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. These self centered bastards are a resourceful bunch of sociopaths helping us.

Old souls: I have no idea why someone would want to return to this reality. And apparently neither do the resurrected.

Character creation

Touched by the Twilight

You have a strange and uncanny connection to the Echoes and Death.

Psyche: +1
Will: +0

Passion: +1

Power: Open the Way
You can sense Echoes and open a one way traversal to an Echo at your location. Others may follow through the passage. Once opened, the way stays open.

Edge: Trouble magnet
The Echoes have tainted you with ephemeral bad luck. The danger and the Twilight realm draws to you like a magnet to a lump of metal. This makes you prone to danger, but also more adept at surviving really bad odds.


These optional traits are unique and should never be chosen for more than a character. Including the Storyteller characters.

Power: See the Echoes
You can discern the details of a traumatic event that has happened at a place or at the presence of an object. A knife used for stabbing tells you the stabber and their location. A murder scene tells you why the atrocity was committed.

Edge seeds:

  1. There is no Angel of Death. The “Touch” is just first step towards true Enlightenment. This is the second step, where you start to see with the True Eyes.
  2. Each time you reach for the Echoes, they reach out for you. Eventually something from beyond will eat your soul and take your body.
  3. It’s all just a hoax. The things you see are created by your remarkable intuition and fed to your mind through a lense of a emerging psychosis

Power: Channel the Dead
You can summon a spirit of recently deceased inside your body. The spirit has all the memories and knowledge of the one passed by. It takes control of your body for a while, but you can see and feel all that happens while the spirit is in control.

Edge seeds:

  1. You don’t only summon the Dead. You feed on them for power.
  2. Once summoned, the Dead follow the channel until they leave this world
  3. You are just a channeled one who took over this body. Maybe you’ll lose it to the next one

Edge: Angel’s shadow
You have an endless curiosity and love of danger. This curiosity draws you to the Family like a will bending your soul. Usable whenever trying to do something dangerous or trying to explore the Family secrets (which incidentally happens to be quite dangerous).