Extending Shades: Old Souls

A small update to the Old Soul shade


You were picked up by the Quick. They offered you protection,  paid your debts to the local pusher and gave you shelter.



The Family: creepy but mostly OK fellas. The work is good and they pay well.

The Touched: Waiter, can I have the ‘shrooms these guys are taking.

Character creation

Seen it all

You have seen or experienced enough to be “beyond your years”.  Maybe it’s something you were born with. Maybe it was done to you by people. Or maybe you’ve just had really bad luck.

Passion: +1
Will: +1

Power: Untouchable
For some strange reason the Echoes leave you to be. You can enter an echo or a hallow, but it’s denizens leave you alone. Maybe there is nothing left to feed in your charred soul.

Edge: Outsider
You don’t completely fit to the modern society and its expectations. All these social constructs like ideologies, fashion or spectator sports just don’t click. It’s not that they are bad, they just feel nonsense.


These optional traits are unique and should never be chosen for more than a character. Including the Storyteller characters.

Power: Arhat
The cycle of life and death is like breath. In and out. Long ago you filled your lungs with Enlightenment and Wove the World around your Will. Even if that life is gone, something has changed in you for good.
System: When another character uses a power or Enlightened Will against you, you may simply ignore it.

Edge seeds:

  1. There is no rebirth. You were a member of the Order, and your memory was wiped out as you were thrown away from the club.
  2. You thought death would free you from your enemies. You were wrong. Some old daemon or slumbering god wants you to suffer.
  3. You are a slumbering god waiting to rise from your prison of continuous death and rebirth to these puny mortal lives.

Speciality: One Percenter
You have been or still are  part of a “one percent” gang. This experience enables you to act on many situations “normal” people would feel awkward or shady. Usable whenever the situation calls for acting outside the norm.

Edge seeds:

  1. You left the gang after a power struggle and now the gang leader wants your head
  2. You were part of the gang’s insiders and have taken time for the gang. The criminal records from those times hinder travelling and your life in general.
  3. The gang was not just a normal Biker Gang. It was part of the neopagan movement worshipping the slumbering God Fenrir.