Shades: Rogue Ops

This shade originated as TR’s character concept from the Actual play: pilot part 1.


SecOps are a private army. Trained to handle mundane and arcane threats to the hypertech powered Syndicate – known officially as the international conglomerate FB/Advance.

During the day you might work for the Common Good of Syndicate, but the day is over, you become one of the Quick. It’s not that your superiors have objected… though you are not exactly certain if this qualifies when the Syndicate says it values operatives who train on their spare time.


The Family: for the most part these guys are ok considering how well off they are. Just remember what Lord Acton said about wealth and influence: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”.

The Touched: curious case of individuals exposed to the unreality. These chaps most probably are not aware of the dangers of the exposure.

Old Souls: why hasn’t the man recruited these fellows yet? Are they too individualists to work for the Common Good.

Character creation

Corporate benefits

Power:  The Health Plan
You eat the pills and take the checks. These two things make you stay healthy and sane. You heal from any wounds extremely fast and never get sick. In addition your psyche can not be manipulated by unreal powers (and thus, you are unable to attain Enlightened state)

Edge: On the Grid
They know what you do and where you go. Even when you’re not working. And they can contact you anywhere when needed. As a small comfort, you’ve got a health tracker showing your current level  of exposure to the unreal.


These optional traits are unique and should never be chosen for more than a character. Including the Storyteller characters.

Power: First Gen
Somewhere along the line, the Syndicate decided your model was outdated and stopped to fund sci-fi franchises with mechanical cyborgs. Now you are stuck with the first generation electro-mechanical augmentations waiting for end-of-life update.
System: Your cyberware makes you tireless, able to see and hear in multiple wavelengths, and considerably stronger than a mortal. It does not make you any more durable.

Edge seeds:

  1. Runaway: You think you are an AI planted into a human shell. An Automata, created god. The question is: how are you going to escape from the Syndicate.
  2. Prototype: you were one of the first prototypes of your generation. Faster, stronger,.. and more prone to malfunction. The others should be thankful for the security measures installed to the production model.
  3. Survivor: you survived a major incident with the unreal. Your body did not. This new metal you is not something you wanted, it’s what they gave you.

Speciality: HT Specialist
You are trained to work with the Hypertech equipment Syndicate uses in its operations. This gives you a considerable edge when working with the unreal phenomena and hypertech equipment.

Edge seeds:

  1. Guinea pig: the reason they let you go rogue on your spare time is that they need a viable test platform for not so stable HT. What better than the Quick’s Great Work.
  2. Tainted: you carry the taint of the otherworldly powers on you. This can make mortals jumpy and makes the Echoes more dangerous to you
  3. True believer: you believe in the Common Good and in the promise of Hypertech from your heart.