Post pilot #2 short update

JT pushed this video to a chat after the session. It reflects to so many themes and things of the pilot game – I’ll need to repost it here.

I had a small crash with the project recently – with a need for more concise direction. Meanwhile I now have some things to work on:

  1. The Actual play report 2.
  2. A page or two on what is Scandinavian Noir and how to put it to games.
  3. The Core system from Harhapolku/Astray is good for mystery games, and the small parts lacking on action are not really needed with the realistic approach of scandinavian noir.
  4. The ideas of echo-constructs like Inverted Pyramid servants and Nadirs works, these can be incorporated to the setting
    1. This lets us do some “gear porn” or phenomena listings MF suggested as a stuff to work on while pondering on the focus issues.
  5. Family – as a intertextual jab towards the US cultural colonialism (see the video above) works, we’ll continue on that track.
  6. The Psyche/Strain system is now too weak, so more work is needed with it. Tying the system to rolls made it’s use extremely rare – as a normal gaming session might have 2-5 dice rolls in total.

And finally: the product is at the point where we need to stop brainstorming phase and start looking what to do with this project. JS is helping me with this aspect.