Sopecon 2016 test report

I did a small test run of character creation, echoes and on-the-spot shoe-stringed trauma mechanics at Sopecon 2016 with JSO, SA, WR and JSA. As a test the run was a massive success. But being introduced to PL’s +H was even more valuable.

  1. The new Downward Spiral or trauma mechanics stolen form PL’s superb +H work like a charm and enable us to remove the resisted roll kludge completely.
  2. As Fate has made the story-game term Aspect a generic for situational or conditional traits, we should convert Edge’s to Aspects for clarity.
  3. On the same vein, the story-game term move could perhaps be used outside the strict rule sets introduced by the  *world games.
  4. PL’s +H story escalation mechanic creates a way to add GM rolls or moves to Quick. More on this later when I’ve had a chance to explore the idea with PL.
  5. There is room for 2 more shades, and the shades could be re-re-named back to concepts. The two more shades are crime reporter and crime detective. Both of these shades are 100% mundane – and thus help us to define the Quick as people who bump into the things instead of an actual organization
  6. The Quick as a group -thing is completely unnecessary. The game might be better with Quick as a type of people approach
  7. There is a fine line between Nordic/Scandinavian Noir and Punk. Using the Gothic Punk Astray material might lead us astray from the actual goals of this game. The Nephilims, Gen2 cyborgs or other inhuman operatives are not needed for the game to work.

Now we just need to incorporate all this to the draft playbook. And probably skip to draft 010 while we are at it.

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