Moving to game design…

Last fall I started toying around with the idea of mixing Nordic Noir crime fiction to ghost stories. Initially, I wanted to draft yet another base faction for my slowly progressing card drafting game VEIL. At some point the project started to live a life of its own and now – here we are.

Where’s here you ask?flyer-tracon-hitpoint-01

At the magick birth moment of a new game. A game of Nordic Noir ghost stories.

The goal of the project has shifted from experimenting to development of a separate indie game. And the team grew with Petri Leinonen and Teemu Rantanen as developers, and  Jukka Sorsa as a producer.

Work on the game is progressing nicely. We’ll speak on our take on player and game master moves next saturday 13-15 in Tracon Hitpoint 2017 and we are targeting april for Crowdfunding the game.

Exciting times!