Diary 3 – Previews, Feedback and Crowdfunding

For the last weeks, we have been busy finalizing all the preview material. The setting, character concepts, rules, layout tests and first pieces of art are all now at the level needed for public viewing.

Game Art – Hanna Erkinjuntti

As we are finishing the “1 Pagers” for the Character Concepts, we have released Ashcan versions of the Premise, Nordic Noir, Rules, and Character and Threats Sheets. Now the website should have all the material needed to give an impression of what the game is about and how it plays out.

All the Ashcan or preview material we have been producing has enabled us to test and show our ideas for the game openly. The feedback we have received so far has been extremely useful and encouraging. We hope these new preview releases will keep up the feedback loop and enable us to build a better game with our support.

Shortly put: thank you for all the comments, and keep them coming!

And as an astute reader might guess from the splash image at the top of the page – the first batch of game art has been completed. We’ll go for Nordic design and photo-realism inspired look – which complements the theme and mood of Nordic Noir. The images and graphic elements produced at this phase serve as the seeds for product art direction and final look of the game.

We also had time to flesh out the Crowdfunding phase, and the plan seems feasible We plan to start out with a simple, minimal but working game and extend the offering with extra material and guest appearances if we get to the stretch goals. This approach should enable us to push out the base product, while at being able to plan ahead for the possible extensions for the book and possible add-ons.

Should we finish everything on schedule, the Crowdfunding starts in April!



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