CC Previews — The Rogue Ops

Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects.

This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Rogue Ops. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page.


Rogue Ops

Veil Character Concept

At some point you decided the Firm is not doing enough. It’s not like that just working for the big corporation make you a soulless bastard. Or so you keep telling yourself. Granted, you didn’t get employed to the SecOps to save the world. But the stuff you have seen, and especially the stuff you were told to walk away from, made you think your priorities again.

Just because an anomaly, or an Echo, like you are learning to call them now, is not important for the interests of the Firm, doesn’t mean that it can’t cause havoc to mundane world. Somebody’s got to do something to them, and it might as well be you. And it just might be that after all you have seen in your work, normal leisure time is not an option anymore.

It wasn’t hard to make contact with the Quick. You knew that they were out there from your missions on the field, and you knew you could help them. They could use your experience, not to mention that one gizmo you borrowed from the TechLab boys for “field testing”. And now you are finally doing something to stop the horrors. They call it the Great Work. You could call it community service.

Rogue Ops is a security operator working for the international corporation referred here merely as the Firm. The Firm knows about the Echoes and other kinds of supernatural phenomena. It even has whole sets of protocols and classifications of these anomalies, accessible to chosen employees on need-to-know basis. But it regards these things as commercial secrets vital to its own business interests, jealously guarded from public. About the danger that Echoes pose to common people the Firm either doesn’t care, or has been so corrupted it doesn’t want to act, even if it could. Closing Echoes is not in its priorities. Behind the backs of their superiors, the Rogue Ops has decided to do something about this.

Secretly to their corporate employer Rogue Ops has joined the network of the Quick, dealing with Echoes in their spare time. Luckily the Firm is rather generous about the working hours of their special security personnel, acknowledging the stress factors that come with their exposure to anomalous phenomena in their duties. They would probably be more prudent if they knew that the employee uses that free time to increase the exposure even further. Not to mention often making use of the various highly advanced and often secret technical equipment of the Firm they have access to.

While Rogue Ops has experience about encountering supernatural in their work, it tends to be essentially different from what the Quick do. The special security operators of the Firm may be required to work near an Echo, isolate one, or even support researching one, but practically never to close one. And the Firm doesn’t really like to share information about anomalies unless they have to, even to their own employees. The difference between Rogue Ops and others of the Quick is not really that Rogue Ops would know more about the Echoes than others, but that they are more accustomed to encounter dangerously supernatural unknowns.

The Rogue Ops is using state of the art resources and science to approach the Echoes, and while others of the Quick might have some uncertainty about how supernatural the world is, the Rogue Ops knows. And he wants to make it better.

Power – Hypertech resources: The Rogue Ops has access to powerful scientific equipment that is useful when dealing with the Echoes. The extent of these should be negotiated between the player and the GM, depending on the tone of the campaign

Flaw (Aspect) – On a Short Leash: You are pretty sure the Firm has not figured out your gambit quite yet, but they are not stupid. You need to be careful about covering your tracks, or otherwise the game is up, and the consequences might be dire.

Setting the stage: Powers and Echoes

The Channel and Rogue Ops are both designed to portray the weird and supernatural part of the setting. Unlike the other Concepts, the powers of these two can not be explained by luck or chance. They are clearly unnatural or arcane.

Using either of these two Concepts changes the tone of your game: the supernatural is real, and it can be interacted with. And there are beings and organizations aware of the nature of the Echoes. The change can be a mixed blessing if the playgroup is going for a mostly mundane premise like a Seeker and Spook investigating are the Echoes just a group psychosis or physical phenomena.

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