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Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects.

This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Spook. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page.


The Spook

Mundane Character Concept

The Bureau could do without you. They were good policemen. And he had it with the big City and all the cases you carried with you to your bed, even if you tried to keep the work to yourself.

He had asked you to come home early for one of the special dates you could not keep count. It was ironic, the super detective from the big city, Rain Man perception, and completely unable to remember birthdays, wedding days and all those things people held dear.

Just before leaving, you decided it was safe to take a small peak on the System. Claes had let you keep the login after you left the Bureau, as he hoped you might find your way back. A line in the event log draw your attention: the case was just an hour away. And the lead was still hot. You could check the crime scene – and get back home before he noticed. And if something needs to be done with the case, you could say it was an emergency.

The Man. The Bureau. The Establishment. Things people think the Spook is sworn to uphold are often less important to a Spook than the duty to protect and serve the little people. The feeling of duty towards the common good and the direction of a Spooks inner moral compass drive them. And it’s this duty and drive, which makes people often mistake the Spook for just a guardian of law and order.

Spooks are members of the intelligence community and work (or used to work) with one of the national or multinational security intelligence operators like Suojelupoliisi [FIN], Säkerhetspolis [SWE], Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste [NOR], Politiets Efterretningstjeneste [DEN], Border Control, CIA, MI5, etc. They are not after greater truth like the Seeker, but see themselves as the people able to solve the mysteries surrounding the Echoes and protect the ordinary citizens from their dangers..

Unlike many other Quick, the Spook is closely tied to the mortal society and is bound, and at least tries to uphold the rules and laws of that world. However, the Spooks do not follow law blindly. They are driven by what they think is right or needed. The law is a set of principles, not a rule book.

As the intelligence community and the Bureau view echoes as superstition, the Quick are the Spooks real allies. The Spooks can bend the law and keep the official eye away from the Quick, at least as long as what is done fits to what the Spook thinks is the Greater Good.

A stereotype of the Spook in Nordic Noir is a little spooky and too intelligent detective, thrown to troubles with the Bureau by their moral compass, and with social issues related to work and substance abuse. They are the people do are not offended when someone calls them “just a hound dog.” For even if there is a grain of truth in the slur, the Spook knows that a person rattled enough to bark, will slip and spill something valuable information on the case.

Power – Part of the System: The Spook is well connected and can use their connections to gain government resources or influence officials to act in a manner beneficial to their cause

Flaw (Aspect) – Duty Bound: The Spook will follow their duty, even when it leads them to problems in their or their friend’s personal lives.

Pop Culture References:

  • Saga Norén (Bron/Broen) / Sonya Cross (The Bridge US)
  • Eleanor Bishop (NCIS)
  • Dana Scully (The X-Files)

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