Diary 4: The screen and the paper

Sören smelled rust. That was always a bad omen. Next, to him, Senka clutched the crowbar, her knuckles white, but he could see in her eyes that she didn’t believe for a second that it would be of any use. He remembered the whiny voice of the killer from earlier, standing on his knees behind the barn, going on about how the scary ones had to be put down while they were still weak, how they hid their power. Sick bastard. But while Senka’s ritual with the photos and toys has made the apparitions of the children disappear, it was obvious they were both still very much trapped in the Echo.

And then all the colors were drained from the world…

We finished The Crowdfunding plan, and are finalizing the campaign material. Target date for the campaign to start is 24th of April.  

Our plan is to bring the game to life as a full-color Print on Demand book, and a high quality indexed PDF for a complete game experience to 2-6 players including the Game Master. The game contains all setting and system materials needed for play and comes packed with game tools and tricks on how to best portray a morally ambiguous world, where the dark secrets of the past come back to haunt you.

We are delivering the book using DriveThruRPG and it will be printed as a full color hardcover with dimensions of 22cm x 22cm. The layout will be crisp and have a magazine feel to it, like a public company yearbook done with a marketing agency. While we try to explore the boundaries of RPG layout and design with the book – we will aim for excellent readability and clarity for usability before a game and during the game.

For the digital edition, or the PDF format: our goal is to create a separate digital edition of the Game, available as a separate purchase and delivered to all who get the book. The PDF will be designed for digital consumption and work best with a laptop or an iPad. It will be formatted, indexed, and enhanced with quick links to enhance the digital experience.  The same goals for usability, readability, and clarity driving the book design will influence the digital edition too.

This dual strategy for publication should let us create a compelling Game product for both formats. With the same ambition level we have for the actual game content: using the best new tech that works, and pushing just enough to break the boundaries of what’s been done before us.

One more thing before you go!

We just added the Touched character concept just today to accompany the three first previews we uploaded last week.