Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects.

This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Bloodbound. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page.


“Uncle Grigori called back,” said Linnea. “The elders think the victim up in Malmö, the one your reporter friend called you about, is critical. They want you to see to it.”

You had always been a little bit jealous of Linnea about how easily the Great Work of the Family came to her. Unlike you, she hadn’t even been born to it and had taken her initiation only in her thirties, right after your wedding. You had yours at the age of sixteen, scared like hell. Not just of the ritual, but of the whole deal: Restless Dead, rifts in the fabric of reality and the responsibility of the Great Work of sealing them.

But Linnea was natural in this. And not just in the “secret society” stuff with coded messages, rituals, and symbols. Linnea understood the Echoes as well, often figuring out strange ways how little details were part of the occult lore, offering the key which with to close and lock the Echo. In the four years, you had been married; she had caught up with you in the training of your whole life and surpassed you. She was just natural.

“So, they want me there this time?” you asked. She smiled.

“Well, the guys who found out about it originally are really your friends, so you probably work better with them. And somebody’s got to take care of the baby, so I guess it’s your turn to go.”

Bloodbound is a member of the Family, duty bound to the family’s Great Work of closing the Echoes. As a member they belong to a death-cult within the rich and influential family spread across the globe. Some are initiated deeply into the mysteries of the Echoes and occult interpretation of them held by the Family, while others serve more instinctively, just knowing that the Echoes are unnatural wounds in reality and need to be mended.  But all are required to do their part in the Great Work, less they’ll spend an eternity doing it in the afterlife as a restless spirit, or so the myth about the ancient curse of the Family says.

Most Bloodbound are born into the Family, raised from the childhood to their role as a member of a hierarchical cult dedicated to the closing of the Echoes. Some join the Family through marriage, but it is more uncommon for one to be initiated outside the bloodline, and it is uncertain how the curse affects them. Still, it happens. And once initiated, the duty of a member of the Family is to serve to do the Great Work, both when encountering an opportunity to do so and when the Family requires them to perform a specific mission suited to them.

While some Bloodbound have an irritating tendency to regard themselves as leaders or guides to the others of the Quick, they are seen as very useful for the network, and not just for the knowledge that some of them do possess. The background in the service to the Family gives the Bloodbound unique perspective to death that shows in all of their actions. And access to the influence and resources of the Family can be practically invaluable to the team of the Quick if the Bloodbound manages to convince their elders that the Great Work is best served through them.

Power – The Eyes of a Killer: Your constant exposure to death and the resulting air of callousness gives you leverage when coercing or intimidating mortals.

Flaw (Aspect) – The Curse: You know beyond any doubt, that if you ever cease doing Great Work or leave it behind, you will be damned for all eternity. This is a very powerful motivator and can push you through where an average person would falter.

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