Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects.

This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Channel. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page.

Channel  [1-pager]

[The one who has been cursed to be at the center of all the strange.]

It was happening again.

The plan had been to arrive to the city before nightfall, but the damned elk had jumped in front of your car and the road-service had taken their own sweet time to get there and long story short instead of the nice hotel you had booked you were going to spend the night at the sleaziest motel you had ever seen in the middle of nowhere. That alone you could have lived with, after hearing they were going to get their own room the kids had decided it was one big adventure. Even the flickering in your vision could just be an after-effect of the crash, and nothing worse.

But when your tea started to grow mold in your cup you knew. The ghosts were here. And they were not going to let you go before you did something to the gaping wound in the reality you could feel nearby, like disturbing background noise that wouldn’t stop. Just your luck, it wasn’t enough that you had to stay in some dirty, probably ex-brothel backroad motel. It just had to be an old murder site or something similarly creepy.

As always, you were seriously tempted to just give in to frustration and let the gates of the reality flung open. Just so that it would over. But this wasn’t your first time, and you knew once you let the Echoes truly manifest, you couldn’t handle them alone. So instead you pulled out your phone and started to look for numbers. You just hoped the others would get here on time, before it would get worse.

The Channel has been blessed, or cursed, to act as a bridge between the normal and the strange. Reality itself conspires to direct the Channel towards the Echoes, where they can utilize their unique ability to connect this world with the next. The harder the Channel tries to ignore their purpose, the stronger measures world seems to take to pull them towards them, and nothing good is waiting there.

Channels are sensitive people that have been awaken to the presence of the Echoes, often by a traumatic experience. Aware of feeling of the wrongness surrounding the Echo, they instinctively connect with it and with a bit of practice can learn to call them to manifest in the reality at will. Or rather they can learn to not call them forth when they don’t want to, since the initial reaction of the Channel is to open the Echo when they encounter one, even before they understand what they are doing. This usually is the way Channels learn about the Echoes and the Quick in the first place: they start to seek answers why the reality is breaking down around them.

People react differently to pull of the Echoes and the breaking of the normality of their world that comes with it. Some Channels embrace the whole unstable nature of the reality, becoming unstable and unpredictable individuals drifting away from the society. Others turn to spiritualism and occult to find answers and establish order to the strangeness that is invading their lives, taking the role of the classical medium. Yet others try their best to keep living their normal lives, desperately trying to protect people close to them of the unnatural hazards they attract.

What is common to all the Channels is that while they might have a choice how they see their connection with the Echoes, just ignoring them is not an option. They keep on running into Echoes, and the reality keeps on tearing open around them, so the sanest option might just be to seek the Echoes out instead and try to do something about them.

Power – Open the Way: You can sense Echoes and call them forth. Burrows open, Apparitions are summoned and Tears appear at your command. Once called to presence, you have no control of the phenomena.

Flaw (Aspect) – Trouble Magnet: The Echoes have tainted you with ephemeral bad luck. The danger and the Twilight realm draws to you like a magnet to a lump of metal. This makes you prone to danger, but also more adept at surviving really bad odds.

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