Diary #5

It’s been quite a month! The book is progressing bit ahead of schedule, and the Crowdfunding has more than exceeded our expectations for an ambitious project from a small studio.

To give a sample of the book progressing: we just released the rest of the character concepts at the Ashcan quality at the development blog. The concepts found on the blog are Seeker, Spook, Touched, Bloodbound, Old Soul, Channel, and Rogue Ops.

In addition to the concepts, we are prepping the Ashcan quality preview of all the extended moves, which include:

  • Investigate – for investigation and research,
  • Cross the Line – for violent acts possibly slipping out of control,
  • Grounding – for temporarily pacifying the Echoes,
  • Close the Gate – for Echo related emergencies, and
  • Special Circumstances – for invoking the powers in character concepts

The Kickstarter campaign is at 33k DKK mark as I write this. More than five times over the limit where the project became viable. But more importantly, just 4k away from the point where we can start upgrading the production values for the contents and the photography. While the earlier stretch goals that enabled us to bring the top talent from Finland to contribute to the project were exciting milestones, the 37k one is the one I have been waiting. The contents and photography are incredible, especially if you consider it’s mostly done with volunteers. But with the additional funding at that level, we can start using the money for scenes and models outside our normal reach.

Our game and the campaign has been featured in Juhana Pettersson’s blog Pikseliparatiisi (FIN) for Image, Teylen’s RPG Corner, and in various social media groups and chats.

We want to thank you for all your support so far, and If you wish to support us to make the game even better:  please share, feature, and fund us!