Old Soul

Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects.

This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Old Soul. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page.

Old Soul 

Another evening, another opportunity to chase ghosts with the group. Keeping the car warm and running while the others dealt with the Echo, listening to the tape that’s stuck in the cassette player. It’s always the same song eventually. Just like no matter if you were in Ethiopia as a traveling doctor or living the quiet life in Malmö – the dead found a way to your life somehow.

The war zone had been oddly calming. The earth itself had been made barren and hollow, just like you. Or maybe there was some old god roaming there, feasting on the sorrow and madness left behind by the senseless hatred. Maybe it ate away something from you too. It would explain a lot.

Ah. No time to reminiscence on the tranquility of Africa. Emil and Senka ran out of the Echo, the old mansion collapsing behind them as they raced towards you. When things get out of control, those outside of control get pro. Time to act. Gear in. Push the Volvo 240 GL straight towards them. If luck would have it, you’d be out safe and have the opportunity to do this again soon.

There are individuals who, for reasons unknown, the Echoes ignore. These people have a certain look in their eyes. The one that lets everyone know that they’ve seen things. Some of the other Quick call them Old Souls and speculate that something inside them has already died, and that’s why the Echoes and the things within leave the Old Souls categorically alone.

Whatever made the Old Soul look at the world the way they do, also unhinged them from the rules and laws the rest of us hold so dear. They can, if they want, function within society just fine, but we often seem so petty and superficial through that thousand yard stare of theirs. What’s the point of going to see the latest superhero film to dull your mind for two hours when the world is what it is? This internal disconnect often drives an Old Soul to seek meaning outside the bonds of the society, enlisting to military mission on foreign soil, doing humanitarian work in the middle of a conflict zone, or joining a biker gang.

While with some Old Souls there is an event or a series of events that has left them the way they are, some are just born that way. Some claim to remember past lives, while others hold even more outlandish theories about themselves as supernatural entities or possessed by strange spirits. And some Old Souls are clearly insane.

But the Echoes will not harm them, no matter if they’re sane or not. An Old Soul is a much-wanted addition to any team of the Quick working with closing Echoes. And within the group, the Old Souls easily find peers who see the world more like they do, finding companionship and human contact that they find hard to establish with ordinary people.

Power – Untouchable: The things and phenomenon don’t care for the Old Soul. The Old Soul will not be harmed by the things that dwell within the Echoes.

Flaw (Aspect) – Outsider: You never quite fit in when you’re dealing with “ordinary” people. These modern sensibilities and odd things like fashion and spectator sports feel like alien concepts to you sometimes.

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