Beta: Powers

This is a Beta quality update to Character powers. It replaces the powers on Ashcan Concepts. These Powers are compatible with the Beta: Tap a Power.


Fool’s Luck

For some unknown reason, Seekers seem to always get out of trouble, no matter the odds. They just happen to trip behind a cover as the villain enters the house, and decide to walk when there is a bomb on the bus. This power will let the Seeker get out of any mundane trouble, by a stroke of luck,


Leaks and finds

The Seekers ability to find hidden information and locate the hacker who just happens to know how to steal the data feels almost unreal. The Seeker can use this power to gain any single piece of information (if it exists) inside the fiction.


Access All Areas

The Spooks can use their authority as an official agent of the Bureau to enter any event, area or location with just a flick of their badge, and bring anyone with them. This power can also be used to exit an area or to extract a person from custody.



The privacy advocates have it the wrong way. It is far cheaper for the Bureau just to invent the evidence than to spy a person they want to get out of their way. The Spook may obtain a single piece of court proof evidence on anyone of anything that’s plausible in the fiction.


Sixth Sense

The intimate relationship the Touched has with the Beyond gives them the ability to reach into the Echo without actually entering it. The Touched may use this power to scry the events that led to the Echos creation and thus gain a piece of information unavailable by other means.



The Touched’s obsession with the world of the Echoes has made them sensitive to the very existence of the phenomena. While they might be unable to explain how it happens, locating Echoes, where they exist, is to them as second nature. The Touched can find a nearby Echo and estimate its bounds accurately with this power.


Eyes of a Killer

The Bloodbound are born to a Family with history of violence. This legacy has left its mark on the Bloodbound, and made them stand off from the ordinary people. Just a stare or light threat by a Bloodbound will coerce an average person to do as told or hardened criminal to stand down. The Bloodbound may use this power to force their will on a single matter with another person.


Lords of the Underworld

The Family’s reputation and connections let the Bloodbound tap into the criminal underworld for resources and retainers. The Bloodbound can use this Power to gain an item, a piece of information or a retainer available through the Family’s network of crime.

Old Soul


For whatever reason, the Old Soul can shake off the Echo’s effects on themselves without much effort. While this power does not make them immune to collateral damage, like being trapped in a collapsed building, the power allows them to ignore the effects an Echo has on the people near (or inside) it.  



Something in the Old Soul makes them almost invisible to the Echoes. With little care and effort, they can keep themselves outside the Echo’s attention and unseen to the things Beyond. This power will let the Old Soul dodge or avert the effects an Echo has to the outside world, just like the Old Soul would not be there.


Open the Way

The very structure of Echoes within the fabric of reality feels malleable and tactile to a Channel. They can use this sensation to crudely tear open the link between real and Echo, thus forcing the Echo into our reality. When a Channel uses this power, the Channel senses the nature of the Echo and can call forth any of it’s manifestations (and with all Challenge dice related to a manifestation, regardless of the stage of its Threat Track) at the Channels vicinity, until the Echo is closed for good.


The Conduit

Some Channels have a rare gift of being able to hijack the link between an Echo and what’s real. They can use this power to close an Echo inside themselves for a time. While an Echo is inside the Channel, they become possessed by the aggravated events, feelings and fears that created the Echo. When the Channel uses this Power, the Echo can no longer manifest for a while or hurt anyone, and the GM will choose the now possessed Channel’s next actions until the Echo is closed or rips itself clear of the Channel.

Rogue Ops

Project Unspace

The Rogue Ops has access to the research equipment from one of the Firm’s projects exploring the Echo phenomenon. These tools can be used to study or interact with the otherwise untouchable, ephemeral or illusionary manifestation of an Echo, and the Things Beyond. The Rogue Ops may use the tools (and this power) to understand or create a transient and temporary effect within the Echo. The effect follows the GM guidelines for manifestations of an Echo.


Red team

The Rogue Ops has access to the tools and equipment the Firm uses for its security and protection. This equipment is more advanced than the Firm will let it’s governmental customers and the Bureau to know. The Rogue Ops may use the tools (and this Power) to infiltrate or hack and thus control any networked equipment (including hi-tech cars, door locks, hospital equipment) for a small time.