Beta: Tap a Power

This is a preview of the updated Tap a Power move (it replaces Special Circumstances fro the Ashcan)

This move is compatible with the Beta: Powers

Tap a Power

Extended Move, automatic

The Tap a Power Move is triggered when the player states their character is using a Power listed on their character sheet. This can be done either as part of the the regular conversation or interrupting a Move made by someone else at the table.

When a character Taps a Power, whatever the Power’s description states, takes place or happens. The player has full narrative control of what that means in the situation (as long as it stays within the limits of the Power’s description).

Everyone can and should ask clarifying questions about the narration as usual – and it’s the GM’s job to keep the fiction in line with relevant world details – while the player Tapping a Power should have the final say of how it goes down.

When the current scene ends, or the character Taps a Power again (whichever happens first), the character takes one Harm of the player’s choice that acts as a price of what just happened. It can be anything from supernatural, such as “Visions of Death,” to social “I owe Karlsson a favor” type of a Harm. This Harm follows the same principles as the Move: the player decides, and other players and GM support with details and keeping in line with the rest of the fiction.

Tapping a Power is an expensive Move, reserved for Special Circumstances. Canceling or changing the direct results of the Move requires an another use of this Move (by another character), and should not be done without a good reason. This limitation also means, that there is no way for the GM to alter the results of this Move after it resolves (without a new Move from a Scenario or some other additional rule agreed by the game group).